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Life In Positano


My life in positano


I’m Nicki, an English woman living the dream in Positano.

At the beginning of 1999 I decided to take some time out from London and spend a few months in Italy to learn the language. I never meant to stay for good but when you choose somewhere as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast it can be hard to leave.

I now live with my partner, our daughter and a bunch of animals in a lovely homemade house tucked into a valley above Positano. We grow our own vegetable and fruit and keep fit with the 465 steps from the road to the front door!




Life here was too good to keep all to myself so I decided to share it the best way I could. In 2006 I started blogging about everyday life in Positano.  Figs and Lemons is still online although I haven’t updated for a while!

The most useful blog posts (and some of my favourites) are now on the blog right here!



Then I started up the facebook page Positano Daily Photo where I post a photo a day of a beautiful view that I have come across that day. The page grew popular very quickly and I realised that people loved seeing more of the area from a locals perspective.



With Instagram I share photos of everyday life and use Stories to show you more real life as it happens. We do sneaky hotel tours, kayaking with Holly the dog, hiking in the mountains and lots of sunset watching and step climbing!



In the last 2 years I have started making Youtube videos to give a more in depth look at life in Positano with some tips and recommendations thrown in. There are videos showing what to see in various towns around the coast, hiking trails explained, what we eat in a day, days out exploring the surrounding area and a few real life vlogs  too.


So, benvenuti, welcome to Life in Positano! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube channel to share this amazing life with me. 

Please do bear in mind that I am not a travel agent or a free vacation guide. I have given plenty of tips in my blog and on Youtube for ideas for your vacation so please do not to email me asking for personal recommendations and tips.

Thank you