What's the Weather Like in Positano?

I’m coming to Positano in a few months…What will the weather be like on my vacation?

Believe it or not I get asked this at least once a day. I don't claim to be a weather forecaster but for some reason people expect me to know what the weather will be doing in 6 weeks from now the day they want to hike the Path of the Gods or in 5 months time for their boat trip!

Unfortunately I cannot predict the weather. (I studied to be a makeup artist, annual forecasts was not included in the coursework.) I have 3 different local weather apps on my phone and each one gives a different forecast from the other every day, so not even the experts seem to know what is going on!

To put it simply: the weather in Positano is changeable. It tends to be humid and cool in the winter, lovely in May, June, September and October and hot in July and August. But you can take that with a grain of salt as it can be very unpredictable:

I have spent days in February lying on the beach in a bikini and I have spent other days in February watching snow settle on the beach.

In mid-May I have embraced full on summer and not needed sleeves in the evenings, but I have also had to wear my winter coat on a chilly May evening boat trip.

I have run for cover in a string of mid summer thunderstorms and also seen 8 months without rain.

Sometimes in July the temperature never falls below 30c and sometimes it rains and feels like summer forgot to arrive.

I once spent the 16th October in shorts by the pool and I once spent the 16th October wrapped up in woolies watching snow fall on the top of the mountain.

A stormy 14th of August:


I recommend that if you want to check the weather for your vacation in Italy (or anywhere for that matter) google 'annual weather forecast in Positano' or check out this average monthly forecast.

But please don't expect me to be able to tell you whether you will need a sweater at 7am on a mountain path in mid July next year, because I really couldn't tell you!

Nicki Positano